Overview Edit

The Southpaw is an upcoming novel about a virus that sweeps across America and turns the infected into vicious wolves. It is divided into six parts, some of which intertwine at points. It focuses on two characters: Jack and Brian Schroder, a father and son who are on opposing sides of the crisis.

Development Edit

The novel first started development in 2011, when both authors were in the 7th grade.

Character Basis Edit

Many of the minor characters (exactly which characters have remained a secret) are based upon friends of the co-writers. The last names of these characters are mostly altered so as to keep their identities secret. In fact, two of the characters in the story are based upon the writers themselves.

According to the writers, neither of the two main protagonists are based upon actual people.

Trivia Edit

  • The title is a reference to Jack's left-handed pitching, and it is also a pun on his transformation.