Duncan Shepherd is the protagonist of Part 3. He is a loyal man who tries to protect himself and his friends through the infection. He is Madeline's brother, and later Duncan Park's uncle.


Before the infection, Duncan lived in Maryland and worked at Fletcher-Greene, a computer company. He worked with Stan, Pedro, Rosie, Claire, Madeline, Janet, Michael, Kathy, and Nate. He became Stan's best friend several years earlier. At some point, he began a relationship with Hannah.


Part 3Edit

After the outbreak, Kathy was bitten and was locked in a storage closet. Duncan, along with Stan, Rosie, and Pedro, agreed with Michael and tried to convince the others to keep Kathy alive. While Michael was pleading with the others, Kathy transformed and killed him. Stan then decapitated Kathy, and both were buried outside the office building.

Later, when the group encountered Jose and his gang, Rosie and Claire were taken hostage. Jose demanded that Duncan hand over all of the group's supplies. When he refused, Jose snapped Rosie's neck and Ricardo shot Claire in the back of the head. In retaliation, Duncan shot Jose and Stan shot Ricardo.

Killed By Edit

  • Wolves
  • Madeline (indirectly caused)

When Duncan and the surviving members of his group were trying to escape, they decided to climb up onto a ledge in order to escape the wolves. Duncan and Madeline were the last two left on the ground, and Duncan saw that the wolves were closing in. He helped his sister up onto the ledge, but was devoured in the process.


  • Jose

Trivia Edit

  • Duncan is the last person to die in Part 5.