Helen is the wife of Jack and the mother of Brian, and had a presumably positive relationship with both. Later, she becomes the the grandmother of Charlie and Amanda.


Not much is known about Helen. Before the infection, she was married to Jack. Two years prior to the infection, Helen was killed in a car collision.


Part 1Edit

Though she was not alive during the infection, she was mentioned by Brian. In addition, Jack's human consciousness had a nightmare in which the wolf version of Jack slaughtered both Helen and an infant Brian.

Part 5Edit

She is again mentioned, this time by Jack. A survivor sharing her name is seen being killed, causing Jack to remember her death.


  • Helen is the only member of the Small family who is named but not seen.
    • In addition, she is the first member of the Small family to die, and the only known member to not be alive post-outbreak.
  • Helen was originally named Angie, but it was later changed.